A Game Changing solution to a global call for a better-for-you foods

Our innovative N-Pearl technology guarantees seamless, high dose, stable and safe nutrient delivery via foods, for happier and healthier consumers.

A-Z Delivery process

A series of challenges must be addressed for effective nutrient incorporation into foods. Our complete delivery system is designed to provide an optimal and comprehensive solution to this complex task. Nuversys three phase delivery system includes 1) our N-Pearl game-changing technology, 2) a premium powder that withstands food processing and shelf-life challenges, and 3) an effective system to release nutrients at the right time and in the right place.


We load and lock more nutrients into every Pearl than any other offering

The sphere-shaped pearl is non-permeable outside-in and inside-out


The envelope isolates the valuable nutrients from mechanical and chemical challenges during food processing.
The Pearls protects the nutrient’s integrity and prevent interference with food’s savor properties, while latent in the food.


The micro-nutrients are completely contained, releasing its entire nutritive content only upon reaching the digestive tract.

Additional advantages of Nuversys’s N-Pearls

Up to 75% nutrient loading on N-Pearls

Exceptional high loading of nutrients into food products

Outstanding odor and taste masking

Long term stability of nutrients in powder and in food applications

Very flowable, water deterring, non-clumping powder

Flawless homogenous dispersion into foods

Sturdy N-pearls do not disintegrate in food products

Effective segregation of encapsulated nutrients from food matrix

Ideal size of 10-200 microns supporting compatibility with food and palatability

High compatibility with many food applications

Conforms to vegan, kosher restrictions

Reproducible dose in every food portion

High safety profile