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Improving health with every pearl

Through our ground-breaking nutrient delivery system, we offer food brands the ingredients that meet the wellbeing needs and maintain the pleasurable eating experience for consumers.

Our N-Pearls technology enables the loading of exceptionally high levels of nutrients into food via compatible powder form.

N-Pearls protect nutrients from rapid degradation, leading to the development of bad flavors so that food brands can offer their consumers tasty and healthy food products.

Additional advantages of Nuversys N-Pearl products include:

  • Sturdy N-Pearls do not disintegrate in water or oil
  • Ideally sized at 10-200 microns which supports compatibility with food applications and mouthfeel
  • Flawless homogeneous dispersion into foods thus providing safe, reliable dosages
  • Conforms to vegan and parve kosher restrictions


DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) are the key components of the healthful omega-3 fatty acids. They are sourced from microalgae or from the fish who eat diatomaceous algae.  Both adequate intake of DHA and EPA have recognized impacts on childhood development, healthy aging, and immunity.  DHA supports the development of the nervous system, vision development in infants and cognition preservation in the elderly. EPA supports cardiovascular system health.

Adequate omega-3 intake is lacking in most diets around the globe. Our N-Pearl technology is one of a kind and can offer up to 40% elemental omega-3 in powder form, setting new high standards for omega 3 food fortification.

Omega-pearls provide unmatched protection from oxidative degradation and off taste development, delaying the release of omega-3 until they have reached the digestive tract. This protects consumers from unpleasant tastes, undesirable odors, and embarrassing burps.

Zinc, Magnesium & Iron (in development)

Minerals play an essential role in key biological functions in the human body.  Industrialization and soil overuse have led to the depletion of minerals in soils and in agricultural produce. These phenomena is creating imbalances and deficit in human diets.

There is rapid growth and demand for plant-based alternative proteins. Coupled with this, is an increasing preference from consumers for more sustainable and highly processed foods over nutritious, traditional, fresh, or cooked foods. These factors highlight the need to make food mineral supplementation a must.

Mineral supplement incorporation into food products is challenging. These challenges include negative interactions with food components like pro-oxidation leading to the development of unpleasant tastes, color changes, degradation of nutritive value, etc.

Our Mineral-Pearls protect minerals from the destructive cross interactions between minerals as well as segregate minerals from the food matrix during processing and shelf life, including preparation before consumption.

Nuversys offers singular or mixtures of Mineral-Pearl formulations which are suitable for the fortification of minerals into existing products.  In addition our Mineral-Pearls can address the lack of nutritive value found in the rapidly growing alternative proteins food sector. 

Mineral-Pearls can include zinc, magnesium, and other minerals in development like iron.  The most bioavailable iron compounds are soluble in water but often react with other food components to cause off-flavors, color changes, or fat oxidation. Thus, less soluble forms of iron, may be more suitable for fortification via foods.

A, D, E & K

Similar to minerals vitamins are not synthesized in the human body, and their consumption as foods or active fortification with supplements is essential to ensure normal physiological function and health. Vitamins are fragile and require protection during food processing and food shelf life. Our entire encapsulation process (including drying) is done in cold gentle conditions that assures exceptional stability and efficacy of the vitamins. 

Vitamin stabilization and homogenous dispersion of vitamins into food matrix is challenging. Nuversys powder form which is well suited for the homogenous incorporation of oil soluble vitamins into variety of food products, thus ensuring precise dosing, safety and efficacy.

Nuversys offers food manufacturers a unique option for the fortification of foods with stable, oil soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K.

Plant extracts, Oleoresins, Essential oils

Incorporation of various categories of plant extracts into functional foods was a long-held dream of natural product developers and suppliers. Instability, destructive chemical interactions with food matrix, the inability to mask the strong flavors and colors associated with plant extracts are the principal challenges natural product developers encounter.

Nuversys unique N-Pearl technological breakthrough can overcome most of these challenges. N-Pearls can incorporate into food product a big verity of plant derived extracts, oleoresins and essential oils.

 Phytocanabinoids (CBD) & Terpenes

Hemp derived products is a growing industry with complex regulation around the globe. Hemp is used for both health and recreational purposes. This maturing industry can benefit from Nuversys technology. We will service the industry in the future, as regulatory statutes will permit.

N-Pearl technology can incorporate cannabinoids and terpenes into foods such as gummies and cookies. N-Pearl technology can incorporate cannabinoids and terpenes into these foods singularly, in combination, or for full spectrum.

N-Pearl technology provides high stability and homogenous dispersion into foods. Precise and reproducible dosage in each portion, are highly desired by the hemp and cannabis industries, to enhance safety.