A blue ocean of opportunities
To make healthier food

We are committed to helping our customers deliver better food products for every occasion, whether it’s a snack on a busy day, a nutritious meal for a child, or an indulgent dessert at the end of a feast. We offer nutrient-dense ingredients that meet the growing demand for healthier food products.

Our N-Pearls powders provide:

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Precise dosing and even dispersion in food products

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Stable, long-lasting shelf life
of fragile nutrients

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Masking undesirable
nutrient odors and tastes

gummy bears

A fun way of supplementing diets with omega 3 and other nutrients:
  • Compatible with most gummies’ preparations including pectin, gelatin and starches
  • Enables high nutrient content in a small gummy
  • Supports gummies’ texture and “mouth feel

Health Bars

Nutritious and enjoyable “ON THE GO” snacking experience:
  • Highly compatible with bars and other snacks
  • Suitable for fortification with blends of micro-nutrients
  • Goes well with sweet and savory snacks


Why not elevate yogurt to the next level of health and wellbeing?
  • N-pearls do not disintegrate in dairy products with high water content
  • Resilient to a wide range of pH
  • Ideal for non-pourable as well as semi-pourable dairy products

Alternative protein

Overcome the nutrient imbalance of alternative, high protein, sustainable, vegan products, lacking the vitamin and mineral profiles of the conventional meat and dairy foods.
  • N-pearls offer an innovative supplementation solution to nutrient deficiencies
  • Extended stability is already obtained during selected cooking procedures
  • Additional applications are in development

What is your nutritional

supercharge needs?
Our team is ready to assist you in upgrading an existing product or launching a new food product, supercharged with N-Pearls nutrients.

Our application team is ready to assist you in upgrading an existing product or launching a new product